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Now updated to meet the new Food Laws!

"A Perfect Training Tool for Businesses Operating Under

National Programmes or Template FCPs"

And still run on a not-for-profit basis at $30NZ

Just 3 easy steps and you too can become a Food Act


Still needing the previous version of SafeFoodHandler?  - No problem just click here
Step 1:   
This is your individual and exclusive reference password that you'll need to have your application processed
Step 2:
Download Notes
The SafeFoodHandler Notes have been revised and updated to make current with
the new Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015
To open the notes you will need to download a free pdf file reader if you don't already have one    
Step 3:
This is the 50 statements that checks that you have read and understood our Easy Learn, Food Act, SafeFoodHandler Notes
You should have no problems passing and just check out the great achievement certificate you'll get!
Certificates are sent by email, usually within 24hrs of your successfully completing the checksheet.
Hardcopy Certificates can also be purchased on request for $15.00 each including postage

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