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Still run on a not-for-profit basis at $30NZ

"Probably one of the most affordable, effective and achievable basic food safety training programmes

available today"


Just 3 easy steps and you too can become a SafeFoodHandler! 

Step 1:   
This is your individual and exclusive reference password that you'll need to have your application processed
Step 2:
Download Notes
The SafeFoodHandler Notes is our 38 page knowledge guide - it should download in in under 6 minutes then you can either print it off or save the file to view on your computer 
To open the notes you will need to download this free pdf file reader if you don't already have it:   Get Acrobat Reader
NOTE: as an alternative to the above you may view the pages individually on-line by clicking here
Step 3:
This is the 50 statements that checks that you have read and understood our Easy Learn SafeFoodHandler Notes


You should have no problems passing and just check out the great achievement certificate you'll get!

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