$20 Certificated Course

This is a video based course that covers the prescribed six essential training topics for those businesses that may be still using the original version of the template Food Control Plan.
It was one of the first on-line certificated courses introduced with the commencement of the Food Act 2014.

The six essential training practices and procedures that every person working with this template are required to undertake before they can work are:

1. Health and Sickness;
2. Hand Hygiene;
3. Personal Hygiene;
4. Cleaning and Sanitising;
5. Food Allergens;
6. Potentially Hazardous Food;

The course also includes a free introductory lesson on the origins of how the new food laws were developed.
Whilst many food businesses are now opting to use the Simply Safe and Suitable template FCP there are still those using the original format.
New employees starting in those food businesses still using the original template FCP will find this course invaluable.

If you have any questions please get in touch.