Free Non-Certificated Course

This basic level, non-certificated food safety training course is ideal for those working for non-profits (cake stalls, sausage sizzles, food donation, etc). 

Also great for those just wanting to improve their knowledge and commitment to food safety.  

Schools will find this useful as a ‘life-skill’ course for year 12 and 13 students (particularly those heading off to Uni and may be starting life flating and cooking/eating their own foods).

If you are a not-for-profit, charitable organisation or a school this is the best course for you.

Note there is no certificate awarded for the free version of the course but achievement badges are awarded for completing Sections 1 and 2 when all lessons in each Section are completed.

In the ‘Safety Snippets’ Section individual lessons can be selected and achievement badges will be awarded for each lesson completed so you can ‘tailor’ your own learning needs.

You will also receive an achievement badge for completing the whole course.

If you are an activity, organisation or business that is exempt from registration under the Food Act you still have to provide food that is safe and suitable so this course should be a minimum for anyone involved in such activities, organisations or businesses.

Businesses and Activities Exempt Under the Food Act 2014

Even if you have an exemption under the Food Act you and/or your activity, organisation or business will benefit immensely from this non-certificated course.

If, however, you do need a certificated course this can be provided for just $5.00 per person.  Just click the button to transfer to the certificated course.

Please check with your local registration authority first (usually your local council) if your activity is exempt from registration and also cross-check with the information provided.

For those starting a food business
If you are thinking about starting a food business this MPI link is recommended as a good first start:


Click to read list of exempted businesses/activities