$20 Certificated Course

This video based training course is ideal for those involved with low to moderate food safety risk businesses such as those registered under the Food Act 2014 as National Programmes Level 2 and Level 3 and for some lower risk template Food Control Plans.

Examples for NP3 registered food businesses are dairies and service stations (where no food preparation is undertaken).  It is also useful as a basic food safety training course for manufacturers of oils or fats, processors of grains, herbs or spices and for manufacturers of food additives and dietary supplements.  Also included under NP 3 are brewers, distillers and manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages.

Examples of NP2 registered food businesses are food service at ECE’s and  retailers of chilled or frozen foods. It is also suitable as a basic food safety course for processors of nuts and seeds, manufacturers of bread, cereals, snack foods, peanut butter and confectionery (including iced confectionery), plus frozen or dried fruits and vegetables.

Examples of lower risk template Food Control Plans are cafes and takeaways that sell simple lower risk foods that require minimal processing.  Also food retailers that need to be registered under the template Food Control Plan as they process some foods they sell (eg make sandwiches and rolls, serve coffee, make milk shakes etc)

It is also useful for higher risk food businesses like restaurants for casual food staff and front of house workers (waiters and bar staff for example).

This course will provide students/staff with a thorough theoretical training in Food Safety and Suitability.

It also reflects and supports the risk management focus on food safety as legally required in the Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015.

This is critically important as the Food Act 2014 states that one of its main purposes is to achieve the safety and suitability of food for sale and the way this is achieved is based on the risk management principles of HACCP.

This course really goes a long way to help food businesses and their staff to achieve this fundamental legal purpose.

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