Food Safety Introduction

In this course you will be given all the basic information you need to know about New Zealand’s food laws and the essentials to ensure you know how to provide safe and suitable food.

The course is based on a Power Point presentation that I have used successfully for a number of businesses located within my region (Nelson).

Now the course has been adapted for on-line use and it is my aim that it provides the same quality of information and understanding as I provide in my stand-up presentations.

The course reflects and supports the risk management focus on food safety as legally required in the Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015.

My ethic is:

to provide food safety resources and training on a not-for-profit basis and whenever possible, free”

Everyone can be a Safe Food Handler!

Bob Askew

Course Information

Estimated Time: You should be able to ease through this course in under a few hours but don’t rush – take your time!

Difficulty: For complete beginners

Lessons are short enough to do in small ‘bites’ and there are just five questions per lesson so a much more ‘user-friendly’ set-up with even better outcomes in regards to knowledge and commitment to food safety.

Course Instructor

Bob Askew Bob Askew Author

Bob Askew has had over 50 years experience as an Environmental Health Officer and Food Safety Verifier.
He is an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health
His experience includes contract work with the Department of Health right at the start of the development of the “Domestic Food Review” which led to the development of New Zealand’s new food laws.
Bob also developed an on-line version of the original VIP FCP prototype for the the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (now Ministry for Primary Industries – New Zealand Food Safety).
He has also worked under contract with MPI in the development of training (Food Verifiers Academy).
In addition he was involved for 4 years as an emergency aid worker in central Africa following the Rwandan genocide and has been on various governance boards with the New Zealand Red Cross.

Food Safety Introduction

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The Basics

Top 5 Food Safety Factors

Safe Processing and Handling Food


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