Safe Food Handler

It is based on my original on-line course which I developed in the 1990’s .

Back then it was one of the first on-line courses available.

Since its introduction SafeFoodHandler has successfully trained several thousand being mostly Kiwi’s but also reaching around the world too.

It has now been thoroughly overhauled to make, what is in my opinion, the most comprehensive yet achievable and affordable on-line food safety course ever!

The course reflects and supports the risk management focus on food safety as legally required in the Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015.

My accountant says it’s way too under-priced and I should be marketing it at over $100 per student but I have kept the price low so that everyone involved in food businesses can afford it. But …
you cannot afford not to do it!

My ethic is:

to provide food safety resources and training on a not-for-profit basis and whenever possible, free”

Everyone can be a Safe Food Handler!

Bob Askew

Course Information

Estimated Time: Give yourself as much time as you need – work at your own pace but allow at least half a day

Difficulty: Suitable for beginners or those needing a refresher


The original version consisted of a set of ‘Easy Learn Notes’ which the student downloaded and read then proceeded to answer a list of 50 true/false statements called a checksheet and when completed sent this for marking. The process involved a lot of input both by the student and myself so turn-around times could be an issue for those in a ‘real hurry’.

What I have done here is utilise all the great content of the programme but have broken it down into sections each with a number of lessons in each section.

Lessons are short enough to do in small ‘bites’ and there are just five questions per lesson so a much more ‘user-friendly’ set-up with even better outcomes in regards to knowledge and commitment to food safety.

Everything is now in the hands of the student so the time it takes to go from initial enrollment to passing is only limited by their own time availability and motivation.

Course Instructor

Bob Askew Bob Askew Author

Bob Askew has had over 50 years experience as an Environmental Health Officer and Food Safety Verifier.
He is an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health
His experience includes contract work with the Department of Health right at the start of the development of the “Domestic Food Review” which led to the development of New Zealand’s new food laws.
Bob also developed an on-line version of the original VIP FCP prototype for the the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (now Ministry for Primary Industries – New Zealand Food Safety).
He has also worked under contract with MPI in the development of training (Food Verifiers Academy).
In addition he was involved for 4 years as an emergency aid worker in central Africa following the Rwandan genocide and has been on various governance boards with the New Zealand Red Cross.

Safe Food Handler

6 months of access

If you would like multiple enrollments please send me your requirements and I will set you up

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The Basics

Risk Management Practices

Record Keeping