ECE Verification “Reality Check”

This ‘lesson’ is optional.  You don’t need to watch the video and there are no questions about it. When you want to move on click the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the foot of this page and you will go to the next lesson.  Note you need to be enrolled to proceed further.

The video is one of a series that was produced by MPI to demonstrate verification methods for those who were registering to become verifiers.

I was a consultant to the project and undertook a ‘demo’ verification of an ECE which was then analysed and dissected by MPI management and education to point out both the good and the bad things that I was doing as a verifier so as to help others who were taking on this role.

The inclusion of the video here is to provide an ECE of how a verification might go and what kinds of things a verifier will ask and look for.

In this case the ECE was doing a great job to ensure the food provided for their students was safe and suitable.

You will find that other verifiers are more inclined to ask open questions, (how, why, when, what, etc.), and it is up to you to be able to show the verifier the how, why, when, etc., that you achieve food safety conformance by describing what you know and do to keep food safe and suitable.   One of my weaknesses is that I have a tendency to ask some closed and leading questions which could be answered with a simple yes or no but does not provide any real opportunity to show what you actually know and do.

The video is just short of 28 minutes long so again I advise it is optional but I am sure it could help some ECE’s, (particularly managers and supervisors), get a feel of an actual verification.

Note that there were three videos covering the verification.  This one covers the ‘Reality Check’.   There is also an ‘Entry Interview’ where I discuss the procedural and legal requirements of the verification but mainly to develop ‘engagement’ with staff.  To complete the verification there is an ‘Exit Interview’ where a summary of outcomes and conformance with legal requirements is discussed.

Also for each of the three verification parts there is the in-depth critique by MPI Food Safety Management and Educators which certainly showed up the areas that I needed to improve on, although overall there feedback was positive!

If you want to view those videos you can contact me and I will share the YouTube links with you as they are all publicly available.