Hands – A Perfect Place for Germs

Have a look at our fingers!

Your finger tips have lots of lines and wrinkles and millions of tiny pores.

Our skin is very effective in wiping stuff off (which unfortunately also means we leave stuff on our hands!).

Try it by wiping the water of your car just after you have washed it. – Just like a wash-leather or nano-cloth.

Well leather is skin isn’t it?!

90% of the time when we touch something its with our finger tips.

Carrying or holding something will however involve contact with the whole of our palms.

We unconsciously ‘wring our hands’ and so bugs on the finger tips get moved around all over.

We also unconsciously touch our face (studies have revealed that we touch our faces on average 25 times per hour!).


Close up view!

Your skin close up has millions of pores that produce sweat.

Skin is continually growing and the surface layer of skin cells eventually dies and gets removed from our hands.

Unpleasant fact …..”The dust in our homes is mostly dead skin”

When we touch something we leave some of the dead skin on the surface we touch.

This is how fingerprints are formed.

And how we transfer bugs.

And pass on diseases!

And even possibly kill people!!

Close up view

Closest yet!

Yes this is what your skin actually looks like when viewed by a high powered electron microscope.

Looks a bit like breakfast cereal – Really gross eh!!

These are the dead flakes of skin that are shed when we touch something.

So in a way our hands are like a contaminated (dirty) nano-cloth.

Except our hands leave dead skin, dirt and germs it touches stuff.

It certainly is a great place for germs to hide isn’t it!

Maybe too close!!!!!