Safe Food Handler Training

On this website all training is provided on a not-for-profit basis.  I have done this specifically to help those that require NZ Food Act focussed training programmes that are affordable and effective and can be achieved on-line at the students own pace.   

The principle training is the course which I have been running for over 20 years and which has over 10,000 successful trainees.  It is the SafeFoodHandler Programme.

The programme has now been adapted to provide a much more flexible user experience plus courses can be undertaken 24/7 with the only time limit on getting a pass being the dedication and motivation of the student.

For those still using the original Programme I have included a link to enable those students to fully access the old course however anyone that would wish to transfer to the new version may do so free of charge by just contacting me and I will set them up with a new registration.  Eventually the old version of the  SafeFoodHandler Programme  will be phased out.

I have also included some individual short courses for anyone wanting that little extra knowledge and skill.    In addition I have also included the six video based courses which were set up to meet the requirements of the Template Food Control Plan but which are so very relevant for all food businesses that need a basic but solid foundation in food safety knowledge for their food workers.

Just click the image or text for the course you want to do and your ‘off to the races’!

If there is any food safety areas that you think would be useful for me to add please let me know.   Thanks … Bob

Adapted Version
Certificated $30.00 course

Here is the SafeFoodHandler programme significantly revised and improved.
You just work through small sections lesson by lesson.
Registrations, awards and certificates are generated automatically so no delay for me to manually process!

Original Version
Certificated $30.00 course

Note that as of 31st March there will be no direct registrations for the original SafeFoodHandler programme.
Those that still prefer this training will only be able to access it by direct request using the contact page on this site. For those still registered with the original version and just need to complete the process you can access it here.
For new registrations I strongly recommend using the Adapted Version which most will find easier to work through plus registrations and results are instant.

Introductory Version
Certificated $20.00 course

This is a basic starter course but still covers the essentials for safe and suitable food preparation and serving. For those requiring specific Food Control Plan or National Programme training use my other web site courses.

Diaries for Recording Problems

FCP Essential Training
Certificated $20.00 course

This is a video based course that covers the essentials for safe and suitable food preparation and serving for those businesses using the original template Food Control Plan (FCP).
Whilst an essential for that FCP I would commend the course as great for a general training course.

Advanced Hand Hygiene
Certificated $10.00 course

Singularly the most important thing for all of us.
Unclean hands are by far the biggest risk in the spread germs and diseases.
If you do nothing else I really urge you to take this course.
Whilst it is  particularly important for food handlers (both at home and at work) it is of utmost importance for all of us.

Know About Food Bugs
Certificated $15.00 course

Campylobacter, Listeria, Staph, Salmonella, C. Perfringens, E. Coli and Noro-viruses are amongst the top food-borne diseases in New Zealand. Take this course and find out how to avoid getting these bugs and also avoid spreading them to others