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This is an excellent course that I have created for those that work in lower risk food businesses and or organisations that are exempt from registration under the Food Act or operate as a National Programme Level 1.

I may not have all the answers but I can always find out.
I have a practical and friendly attitude – I am retired so my time and my advice is free.



Here is just a small sample of some of my  feedback responses.

“Your courses are great. Blue paint illustration really gets into your head, so well done!”



‘Thank you Bob – you are a star, ive already had requests from a couple of businesses for a new diary and then saw your email link – perfect.
That’s probably another beer I owe you”


“Thank you very much. We will surely acknowledge the reference.”

“The information in Hindi is really helpful too.”


“Thank you for the certificate of achievement, this is going to hold value when I do hope to start a business of my own at some point.”

“As part of my feedback, I would like to say that the service from your end was very prompt and professional and therefore it was not a frustrating experience.”

“I thought the study content was easy to understand (coming from a person who’s first language isn’t English) and all-in-all an easy experience.”


As I have done my safe food handling course through you for domestic market.
Could you please tell me about required documentation and course to be able to export honey.


I think they are perfect! Really makes you think! Especially around the safe/suitable questions.
These are going to be great for our staff.
We do run the safe and suitable FCP so we will run a staff meeting and then sign everyone up.

Many thanks Bob


“Thank you heaps I will be applying for more of your teachings.”


YAY😁🙌🙌 hi Bob thank you so much..You have honestly made my day😁 awesome